Llantilio Pertholey Community Council

Representing Brynygwenin, Llandewi Skirrid, Llantilio Pertholey, Mardy, Pantygelli and Triley

View of the Skirrid hill across a field

Congratulations to your new Councillors, who will make their Declarations at the first meeting of the new Council on the 18th May.  In alphabetical order, they are:


Ashley Barber, Scott Baugh, Geoffrey Cowan, Michael Edwards, Kyle Eldridge, Malcolm Ewers, The Rev Julian Gray, Clive Harry, Michael Hayward, Saul Salway, Malcolm Skinner and Ms Norma Watkins.

Further details will follow, together with contact information

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Get in touch with Llantilio Pertholey Community Council with any questions or suggestions. llantiliopertholeycc@yahoo.co.uk

Clerk to the Council
Robert Wade
12 Crawshay Bailey Close

01873 269568 / 07502 590038