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Community Hall

At the heart of the community, for the community

We are delighted to welcome our new Caretaker, Beth Pearson.   However, concern has arisen at the language and conduct to which she has been subjected in isolated cases.  This will not be tolerated.  Beth is entitled to respect in dealings with the public.


For all Hall bookings, please contact Beth on 07377 169496 or

Her address, for the purposes of collection and return of the key only, is 24 St Andrews Crescent, Abergavenny NP7 6HL


Please note that, at present, the Hall is subject to COVID-19 restrictions at Level 2. 


It is intended to create a new independent Hall Committee to help promote the Hall and its facilities for the Community.  In the mean time, the Hall is temporarily managed by the Community Council.  The Community Council would like to promote the Hall and its facilities for young people within the community. 


If you belong to an organisation and would be interested in being involved in the use and/or management of the Hall, please contact the Clerk to the Council, Mr Robert Wade, or e-mail the Council at



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