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Cygnor Cymuned Llandeilo Bertholau

Llantilio Pertholey Community Council
Environmental Strategy

Llantilio Pertholey Council is determined to serve the best interests of the local community by protecting and actively promoting the improvement of the local environment. 
The Council will lead by example in its own activities through the commitment to its Environmental Strategy and will aim to minimise the impacts of its activities. It is determined, in partnership with Llantilio Pertholey Community Council, Parish Councils, community groups, local businesses, other agencies and the general public, to pass on the local environment to future generations in a better condition than it is today.
Whilst promoting the economic and social well-being of the Community and working towards the achievement of sustainable development, the Council will ensure that environmental priorities are integrated into the decisions it takes on all its services and will seek whenever it has a regulatory or influential role to:

  1. make the most efficient use of energy;

  2. reduce the need for movement of both people and goods and encourage walking, cycling and the use of public transport as alternatives to the private car;

  3. minimise and where possible, eliminate, all forms of pollution;

  4. avoid waste and encourage the appropriate conservation, re-use and recycling of resources;

  5. protect, restore and enhance the diversity of the Community’s wildlife and countryside;

  6. conserve and enhance the character and quality of the Community’s built environment;

  7. avoid environmental damage by assessing and monitoring environmental impacts rather than responding to them afterwards;

  8. promote a sense of responsibility and understanding for the environment and participation in environmental issues, by education, information provision and open consultation with the local community;

  9. work in partnership with our contractors, suppliers and others to comply with all regulatory requirements at a local, national, European and international level and to encourage continuous improvement in environmental performance and practices;

  10. protect the health and well-being of all residents of, and visitors to, the Llantilio Pertholey Community Council area and to improve and safeguard the quality of the environment in which they live, work, or spend their leisure time;

  11. publish targets and objectives, monitor and report our performance publicly each year, and

  12. review and where possible, improve our performance each year with positive action an any areas of non-compliance. 

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